Thursday, February 09, 2006


Jeff Rehrauer was nice guy. He was good-natured and always smiling. I believe he came from the catholic schools, as I never saw him prior to our freshman year.

Jeff was good friends (perhaps best friends) with my friend, Dave Svatek. I guess in a way, I sort of replaced Jeff in that department.

Our paths did cross quite a bit though. There were times when Dave would drive all of us home after school. In fact, I have a vague memory of briefly being in Jeff's house one night. I think he had an older brother and sister.

According to what fellow graduate Laura Fowler told me (well, a couple of us actually) she once gave Jeff a handjob - which may have been his first sexual experience. According to Laura, it was over very quickly. That's nothing to be ashamed of actually. My first time lasted about a minute.

Possibly in our sophomore or junior year, I believe Jeff became best friends with fellow graduate David Kanera. That's too bad. Jeff was a nice guy. I thought Dave was an ass.

According to my friend Dave, Jeff and Dave Kanera smoked a lot of pot - a LOT of pot. My friend Dave was turned off by this, and sort of gravitated away from Jeff's circle. Although I believe they were still on friendly terms. Again, according to my friend Dave, Jeff and Dave Kanera allegedly spent a weekend up north somewhere, and tried to see how much pot they could actually smoke. From what I was told, they then tried to either fix or do something to the dock - which they had difficulty with, due to excessive giggling.

As I recall, Jeff really enjoyed skiing, and often went on school-sanctioned trips.

After high school, I think Jeff went onto school - possibly in Oshkosh. I believe he married a woman named Nicole. They appear to still be married. But I don't know if they have any children. I have no idea what Jeff does for a living. But I believe his wife is a teacher in the West Bend area - where they currently reside.


At Sun Feb 12, 04:55:00 PM PST, Blogger PJ said...

I run into Jeff's mom occasionally and he is an ICU RN in Milwaukee area and has at least one child. That's all I know.

At Mon Feb 13, 08:59:00 AM PST, Blogger TWORIVERSWALRUS said...

Filling in the gaps that I can't. I love it!

At Thu Dec 20, 12:32:00 PM PST, Blogger The Mad Supplement Sceintist said...

Interesting assessment of me in High School. Not exactly sure about the Laura Fowler thing, but I guess whatever turns you on.

As for the pot smoking, unlike Bill Clinton, I did inhale. So what, it was high school.

As for present day, I don't really think much about high school. It was so long ago, and people who know me today, know that I don't really live in the past... No offense to you I hope.

I am presently married, and have been for ten years. I have 2 children 7 and 4. All three of the above mentioned I greatly adore.

I work as an RN in a Milwaukee area hospital. Yes I am gaylord focker, and damn proud!

I hope everyone from the class of 1989 is all well and I wish everyone the best of luck.

Jeff Rehrauer

At Wed May 21, 02:31:00 PM PDT, Blogger Dan said...

Jeff???!!! This is Dan Schroeder (from TRCCS/Roncalli). Funny how I stumbled on this...I noticed the name Larry Daffner on an email from a client at work...so I googled Daffer and found this. This is GREAT! Oops...gotta go. Red Demon!


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