Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I first encountered Pam in 4th grade. We shared Mrs. Schmidt's class together. If memory serves, she was good friends with Amy Schmidt - no relation to the teacher.

At some point that year, the class got into groups and performed a bunch of skits. I distinctly remember that Pam performed a ballerina routine or something. She wore some sort of red, white and blue tutu. At this point in the year, I had been placed in the very front row, so Mrs. Schmidt could keep an eye on me. On this day, it gave me a front row seat to Pam's performance. And I remember looking at her and thinking, damn, this girl is hot! Well, that's probably not exactly the words that were in my mind at the time. But I do remember thinking she looked really good. It seems weird now. But my nine-year-old mind may have been having some impure thoughts that day - or whatever the 4th grade equivalent of impure thoughts would be.

Pam was one of the classmates who I shared every single class with in 7th grade. She was still hanging out with Amy Schimdt, and seemed to have little use for me.

In Mr. Longhini's class, we were initially seated alphabetical. Toby Schwartz sat right behind Pam. I sat to the left of both of them. At least once per day, Toby would reach forward and snap Pam's bra strap. We were amused by it. Then one day Brenda Dax got in trouble and was moved to the desk in front of mine. The next time Toby did it, Brenda yelled out, "Toby! He's pulling Pam's bra strap!" Mr Longhini gave Toby a stern warning. And Toby's bra-strapping days were over.

At some point, perhaps at Clarke, perhaps at Washington, Pam began to go out with class of 1988's Scott Langman. I never liked the guy. He seemed to be in a constant state of pissed-off.

As high school progressed, I think Pam's hair got shorter and shorter. Personally, I think she looked better when it was longer.

Pam had a younger sister, class of 1992's Cindy Schley.

After high school, Pam and Scott got married. If I'm not mistaken, they married not long after high school had ended. To my knowledge, they have two kids. Last I knew, they still lived in Two Rivers. I don't know if Pam works. But Scott is the captain of a fishing boat.


At Tue Feb 14, 03:59:00 PM PST, Blogger Greg Pagel said...

Before Scott Langman,Pam dated Christopher "Kiffie" Thee. This was I think 87 or 88. Kiffie broke up with her after Scott threatened to kill Kiffie or something if he didn't stop seeing Pam. Like seriously kill, as in murder. Scott was a very nice boy.

I know a lot about Kiffie. When his blog entry comes, I'll have some stuff to throw in.

At Tue Feb 14, 06:45:00 PM PST, Blogger Brad Strouf said...

Scott's boat's name...?

The "BAlD BEAVER"...no lie.

At Wed Feb 15, 07:03:00 AM PST, Blogger TWORIVERSWALRUS said...

Yes it is. I came across that as well. If you search the internet, you can find a picture of Scott aboard the Bald Beaver. Great boat name!


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