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My memories of Elmer are pretty slim.

Elmer was a bit of a hefty guy - not overly so however. From what I recall, Elmer often wore jeans that were a bit too big for him. And that would ultimately lead to the problem of "plumber's crack."

In 8th grade, Elmer somehow got his finger in an accident - perhaps with a saw. Apparently it was pretty bad. He proudly showed off his stitches to me when I asked him about it.

If memory serves, Elmer was in some special education classes in high school. I could be wrong about that though. Throughout his high school years, his appearance never really changed. He always looked the same. He always looked like an Elmer.

After high school, Elmer went on to marry fellow graduate Jennifer Hansel. That one was a shocker to me. They still live in the Manitowoc/Two Rivers area. I believe they have two kids. Elmer is involved with his church, acting as a council member of the property board. Speaking of property, it looks like Elmer might own some, as he's had to evict some people over the years.

6/18/07 - Yesterday, Kevin Dehne and I stopped in to see Elmer and Jen. They live on a farmhouse with cattle. Although the cattle are owned by someone else. Elmer does have some pigs and chickens though. In fact, he laughed and called himself, "a poor pig farmer."

When we got there, Jen was sleeping. But Elmer went and got her up to see us. Elmer's sort of going bald. But to make up for it, he has big, bushy beard. He joked, and said, "I started losing my hair when I got married." With that remark, Jen slapped him in the arm.

Elmer had a lot of good stories. He mentioned that in high school, he had put some manure on Mr. Wood's front porch. The next school day, Wood apparently made an announcement and said something to the effect of whoever put the manure on my porch, be assured that it is doing well in my garden.

Elmer also had a story about fellow graduate Jim Messman. Elmer didn't care too much for Jim. And he noticed Jim's car at some party once. So Elmer opened up the door and took a piss all over the front seat.

Elmer also said he was in the new Two Rivers High School at one point, and happened to see fellow graduate (and current teacher) Craig Rysticken walk down the hall. As they passed each other, Elmer said, "Hey asshole." Craig shrugged it off and kept walking. But a few seconds later, he turned around and said, "Elmer?"

Elmer and Jen got married in August, 1990. They have two boys. I believe their ages are 16 and 14. Both Elmer and Jen have at least one tattoo each.

Elmer mentioned that he has his own equipment for butchering and processing his own meat - which he uses on some of the pigs he raises.

We snapped several pictures before we left. Kevin got some of their two dogs. I loved the blue-white eyes on one of them. You can see all the photos below.


At Mon Apr 10, 01:02:00 PM PDT, Blogger CindySue said...

Elmer was such a great guy once you got to know him. As a joke, some one invited him to my Birthday party in the 7th grade and he showed up at my front door with a present and a B-day card in hand. I was shocked, but I invited him in and everyone had a great time with him. He became a little more social after that. There is a photo of that party on the site and he is in the far left with the red shirt on.


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