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A couple of people have requested I write about Tim. So here you go.

I first met Tim in our freshman year. Tim hailed from Papua New Guinea. And he had arms the size of oak trees.

Tim was a cool dude and was pretty laid back. You could inevitably see him strolling the halls in one of his "Rude Dog" T-shirts. I liked him.

Tim was a member of the football team. He was quite a strong guy. In our senior video, he mentions that a friend of his told him to say that he had the strongest legs in the history of Washington High School. I'd be willing to bet that that friend Was Richard Wheeler. And Richard may have been right.

In our junior year, Richard told me that Tim had gotten irritated at a friend of his, class of 1988's Scott Langman. Apparently Tim even suggested that Scott was on steroids, as his mood swings were very annoying. For a time, he allegedly thought about beating the crap out of Scott. Richard and I never cared for Scott ourselves. So we came up with a plan to actually pay Tim to do it. Of course that never happened.

After high school, Tim's life has been a very interesting one. He left Two Rivers. According to his own words, Two Rivers was full of a bunch of racists. In my opinion, Two Rivers was fairly liberal and accepting. Of course I never lived there as a minority either. Tim initially got a job on a Florida fishing boat, where he apparently found God. He also painted quite a bit. If you search the internet, you can find some of his artwork displayed.

Feeling homesick, he visitid his mother and uncle in Papua New Guinea. His uncle has been the prime minister of the nation three times, and is in fact the current prime minister. Anyway, despite promises by his uncle of a good job, as Tim puts it he was abandoned by him - as well as by his mother. In all, he spent a year there. During that time, he met his wife Dianne.

In 1993, Tim joined the army and settled in Tennessee. He and his wife had a daughter and a son. Tim became born again in 1996.

In 1999 and 2000, Tim helped negotiate a peace treaty that ended a 10-year war on the island of Bougainville - an island in Papua New Guinea. Tim apparently penned the words of the treaty. But he had to do so in secret, as his uncle was "on the other side" so to speak. The treaty was recognized by the United Nations.

Impressive! Way to go Tim!

Today I believe he and his family live in a Tennessee home. I think he works in security for nearby Fort Campbell.

UPDATE 5/18/06 - I found two photos of Tim. One is from when he was in the army. The other is obviously of his family.


At Tue Feb 07, 08:33:00 PM PST, Blogger SonnyKidd said...

Tim was one of my favorite people in high school. I remember him, not for being part of this clique or that clique, or hanging with the jocks or the brains. Tim (as odd as this may sound) seemed to fit in everywhere. Tim was one of the most genuine people I can recall during my years in high school.

And you're right Burt, Tim was strong like bull, and not overly modest regarding it. And he was fast, running on the track team as well as shotput. But I remember Tim from football. He & I were daily combatants. During practice, we would inevitably be called to do the nutcracker, and I'm not talking about the ballet. After all the running, practicing plays, running, agility drills, did I mention running, the nutcracker was a welcome respite from the sublime. Essentially, line up 2 tackling dummies parallel to each other about 3-4 feet apart. 2 players would lie on their backs, head-to-head, one player with a football, and the coach would blow the whistle. The object, give each other concussions, or seemingly that's what it was. But Tim & I, we were the star attraction (at least as I remember it). We would go at it like 2 titans, neither giving any quarter, and absolutely love it. We were both quick (I was a lineman if you all remember, but had the second fastest 40 time on the team), both strong, and both loved to hit and hit hard. Damn. I miss football. Of course, my twice-surgically repaired knee doesn't. But I do. My only hope now is to live vicariously through my 5-year old son Logan.

At Wed Feb 08, 08:13:00 AM PST, Blogger the_meff said...

Fascinating post-grad life, to be sure!

I only crossed paths with Tim a few times. Granted, TR could at times be a vacuum of ignorance, but I wouldn't exactly call it cracker-ville either. For the brief time I knew him, he seemed to have a bit of chip on his shoulder. For some reason, I knew he and Greg Pagel didn't get along. Dig this legendary exchange, one I'll never forget:

TIM: (to Greg) Do you hate me because I'm black?

GREG: No, I hate you because you're an asshole.

I heard a lot of that type of stuff from Tim freshman year. Dude, don't be playin' the race card when there is none. You got the ONLY Jew of the Class of '89 talkin' atcha'. But NEVER, not once, did ANYONE discriminate or even make an issue out of it. If anyone had a problem with me, it was because I was a weird, obnoxious, goofy dork of a kid, not for any other reason.

Perhaps later in his Washington career, he cooled off but in Freshman year, Lit class, it was always an issue. *yawn*

End of sermon.

At Wed Feb 08, 08:55:00 AM PST, Blogger Brad Strouf said...

...leave it to the jewish kid to start whining...oops, did I say that...uh, never mind.

At Wed Feb 08, 09:22:00 AM PST, Blogger the_meff said...

I knew it Strouf! From the day I met you in Kindergarten and you handed me that pamphlet, "What the Nazi Party Can Do For You!"... That and all those pairs of lederhosen you wore should have tipped me off!

At Thu Feb 16, 10:04:00 AM PST, Blogger SonnyKidd said...

I emailed Tim, but have rec'd no response. Either the email address is dead, or he hates all of us now that he's been reborn and rediscovered his roots.

At Wed Feb 22, 08:18:00 PM PST, Blogger PJ said...

The only memories I have of Tim are TOTAL PRICK! Maybe he just didn't like me, but I don't think I ever had any contact with him where he wasn't being a total sexist asshole.

Now that I've gotten that off of my chest.....whewwwwww!

At Sat Feb 25, 06:23:00 AM PST, Blogger moptopjen said...

i agree with paula... he was so frickin' arrogant. maybe he was a misogynist. anyhow, i recall him as one of the football players who wld come in the weight room like they owned it, but were in fact only there for a few minutes. (i was there most of the time, so i knew who wasn't.) they'd do a few deadlifts or something, then walk around with their arms out like their lats were 10 times bigger than they were....
tim was big, yeah, but his ego was unjustifiably bigger. world class jerk. however, sounds like his heart grew after HS. gd for him.

as for the racist card, i'm with meff.

At Thu Mar 30, 09:13:00 AM PST, Blogger naamah said...

You know I grew up with Tim Koser. We were neighbors and he is actually a great guy. My sister and he actually dated for a while. Glad to find out that he is painting and doign great things. I can't wait to see soe of his artwork.

At Thu May 18, 06:55:00 PM PDT, Blogger Brandon P. said...

I'll start this off by saying overall, I liked Tim. However, he did cary a pretty big chip on his shoulder as stated previously.

Tim and I were never good friends but we had mutual friends like Kiffe so we ended crossing paths from time to time. Most of those times involved drinking. When Tim would get drunk, he would always remind everyone that he could kill any one of us with a single punch. It got really old after awhile.

My biggest memory of Tim involved an exchange he had with Shawn Melhorne. He was probably telling Shawn that he could kill him with a single punch or something and Shawn exclaimed, "well at least I'm not a nigger". There were only a handful of people standing around but I could tell that everyone thought we were about to witness a murder. Tim simply smiled, pointed a finger at Shawn and calmly walked away. It was not the reaction any of us expected. It amazes me the restraint Tim showed at that point. It must have taken a lot to simply walk away. Shawn was mentally slow so maybe Tim felt sorry for him. If I were in Tim's shoes, I would have taken the guy apart and and pleaded insanity.

It sounds like Tim has already lead an amazing life. I would have not tagged him as a diplomat. Apparently he saw fit to resolve the issue in New Guinea in a way other than killing everyone with a single punch.

Good for Tim!

At Thu May 18, 07:43:00 PM PDT, Blogger TWORIVERSWALRUS said...

Wow. That's quite a story!

At Tue Jun 13, 08:00:00 PM PDT, Blogger Kelli said...

I have known Tim since I was 2 or3 years old. He is a kind soul. Perhaps High School was not easy for him. I believe he is a great man.

At Wed Nov 22, 12:25:00 PM PST, Blogger nwalk said...

in grade school (catholic, he went there) there was a nun named Sr. Esther Busse. She had many medical problems, including a knee replacement, a cane, and partial facial paralysis (which gave her a star wars emporer style delivery). We called the the bionic nun. She had an occasion to hit people with her cane. It was heavy and metallic looking. She hit Tim, and he grabbed it from her and broke it over his knee. I will remind you that at this point he was in 5th or 6th grade (8th at the most)!

As a kid, his grandparents lived 2 houses down from me, and for the most part, he lived with them. He had cousins my age, and i was over there often. He had an awesome train set, battlestar galactica models, and a lot of books, which i read when i was there. He also had capsella toys, a building set with motorized balls that you could make rolling and floating vehicles. He left soon after, and his cousins destroyed everything

At Mon Mar 29, 10:04:00 PM PDT, Blogger Tim said...

Will the real Tim Koeser please stand up! I just want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed all of the comments on this site. Both the good and the bad. In truth I don’t think I would have liked myself much in high school either. I was a bad person in a lot of ways but I was a really good friend to those I was friends with. You are all family to me in a convoluted sort of way. It was very difficult for me to deal with the racism in Two Rivers. It didn’t come from the people in our class but outside among the older generations. But old things pass away and new things begin.
Quick synopsis of my life. On the second marriage now. I’ve married a pure Melanesian this January. I love her to death. You can see us at facebook. Her name is Rose. Living in Papua New Guinea (PNG) since late 2005. Was in a power struggle with some powerful family members. As a result I lost everything so I lived next to the dump for the last four years. Lived on two dollars a day. First wife was supposed to follow with the kids but declined after I came. I wrote a book and will publish it sometime this year. I came to start an export company but jealousy in my own family over here blocked me but this year things are getting back on track. I got a whole lot of oil on my indigenous land. It’s projected to be more oil and gas than the rest of the earth combined. So I’m in a battle against the globalists on that issue. Involved in starting a union of Pacific Island nations under the supreme constitution of the New Covenant of Jesus Christ so that we can claim the international waters in between our islands. The plan is divinely inspired. That is Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia. I don’t think I will be going back to America for anything other than a visit. I got too much stuff going on here. The world is changing and I’m in the middle of it. It’s been very painful but so exciting too. I feel like I have really lived. I’m taking on every Goliath I can see and I’m not giving in and I’m not backing down cuz I’d rather die than live in an unjust world. I want to leave the world a better place then I found it. Lived under death threat but I’m fighting for the poor and the powerless. I’m not afraid to die for a good thing. I am friend of Jesus Christ the LORD and a slave of GOD my DADDY! You know what I mean? I left a 2500 sqr ft house in Tennessee and three beautiful children and things got really messed up but this year things are turning around even as this message proves. Should start my company this year. I love all of you. I appreciate all of. I am glad to have known all of you. Take care! Peace! Out!

At Wed Mar 31, 02:12:00 AM PDT, Blogger Tim Koeser said...

I created my own blog at http://koeser.blogspot.com/ for whomever is interested. Don't know how long I'll be on the net. I'm living on the edge of civilization...


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