Thursday, April 13, 2006


Rebecca (did she go by the name Becky?) joined me at Washington. I didn't have her in any classes until our sophomore year.

Becky sat in front of me in Ms. Wisnicky's literature class. She seemed sort of small and meek. I remember that she used to carry a white purse. Like most girls, she would hang the purse on the back of her chair. For whatever reason, one day I took my blue pen and colored on the strap - covering maybe an inch or two. The next day I noticed that she had wiped off the ink - as best she could. You could still see the blue stain though. So I colored it again. The next day she kept her purse on the floor. I wonder what she thought. She never said anything to me. In fact, in all our time together, the two of us never spoke at all.

The only other memory I have of Becky is from the sophomore year foreign language fair. Becky had made some sort of Spanish dessert - brownies or bars. She was replacing the bars as the first batch had been eaten. I literally took one as she was setting it down on the plate. She gave me a dirty look, but didn't say anything. Perhaps she still harbored some ill feelings over that purse incident.

In my opinion, Becky looked a little bit like Linda Blair. This sounds terrible, but I remember telling Dave Svatek that Becky looked like a potential rape victim. I have no idea what that means. But I think I was just thinking about Linda Blair's character in the film "Chained Heat." In the film, Blair got raped at some point.

After junior year, I believe Becky's family moved to Texas. At some point she got married and became Becky Hall. It looks like she currently resides in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

UPDATE - 1/4/07 - I did some digging and actually found some pictures of Becky online. You can see them below. It looks like she has two kids. And she still has a resmeblance to Linda Blair.


At Thu Apr 13, 12:28:00 PM PDT, Blogger the_meff said...

Becky Shedlosky and I would have been an "item" in elementary school, I think...

...if I hadn't found her to be such a pain in the ass!

We hung out on the playground. We sat near each other in various classes. I was invited to her birthday party (I feighned illness and didn't go much to my mother's chagrin).

(by the way, I heard she puked at her birthday party...heh)

But the girl made me nuts. She was always kind of a prima donna', kinda whiny, a tad stuck up...

I remember her moving away prior to 5th grade (or at least moving to a different school)...

...only to have her reappear later, perhaps 8th grade at Clarke?

Needless to say, she was less than friendly to me upon her return, which was fine with me.

Life is weird.

At Wed Feb 14, 01:10:00 AM PST, Blogger sprout said...

Wow! Memories galore. Good and bad and then some!

Maybe you thought that I was stuck up, but I was shy. I mean, yakking up my breakfast SHY. I was and am TINY. Barely 4'10", glasses, and awkward...so most everyone could intimidate me without batting an eyelash. Life sure is weird.

I lived my grade school and early high school days petrified of everyone else, I just wanted to fit in (didn't we all?) and got labeled as a snob. Maybe I was and didn't know it? Don't know. Hmmm. I don't remember too much from back then...just bits and pieces. I was more of a follower back in grade school.

Anyway, I moved to Texas the summer before our senior year. Decided that being shy wasn't working for me and came out of my shell a little bit at Granbury High. I decided that other people's opinions were overrated.

(I get that Linda Blair comparison every so often, also Becka from Life Goes On.)

I am a physical therapist at a local hospital, where we do sports therapy, rehab and wound care. I got married in 2002, and have 2 daughters (Natalie Rose, 3 years old and Allison Maye, 8 months). (My sister, Jodi, is pictured with me and our friend, Karyn.)

I get back to T.R. every few years to see family and catch up with friends. I enjoy reading the posts and trying to recall old memories from way back when. I haven't thought about some of this stuff in FOREVER!


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