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Saturday, August 11th - it was a very warm day. My wife and I knew that Greg Pagel was going to be playing in Port Washington. So we drove over in the afternoon to check him out. We found Greg and his three-piece band doing their set in the bandshell. They were all baking in the sun. But they carried on. We spoke with Greg for a bit, before heading out. We had to leave around 4:00, as we were heading up to Manitowoc to see the Simpsons movie. Apparently just after we left, Sheila Zach showed up as well. Damn! I missed a photo opportunity! I did get two pictures of Greg though. You can see them below.

We met my parents at the Strand Theater in Manitowoc. The movie started at 5:00. We got there about 4:59. My parents took the kids back to their house, as we scurried inside - just making it. The movie was funny as hell, by the way. After it was over, we went back to my parents' house and had a bite to eat. Then we said goodbye to the girls and headed out. We had plans in Green Bay.

So you're wondering why a post with Greg Pagel is titled "Girls Night Out?" Greg was in the daytime. The girls came out at night.

This past Novemeber, through a series of unfortunate events, I missed out on another great photo opportunity. To refresh your memory, take a look in these two links.



Well, I was not about to miss another one. And these five lovely ladies - Shannon Koch, Becky Monka, Mindy Moore, Lisa Pauze and Becky Prausa invited me to their summer GNO on Saturday. I was slightly hesitant, as I didn't want to intrude on any "girl time." But I was assured that everyone was onboard with my appearance. They even inivted my wife to join me. So on Saturday, she and I drove up to meet them at bar/restaurant called Jimmy Seas.

We arrived around 8:00. And I was strangely nervous. After all, these were five girls that I hardly spoke to in high school. In fact, I'm pretty sure I quite literally had never spoken one word to Shannon or Lisa back then at all. So we got into the bar. We noticed them sitting at a table outside. I decided to get a drink and relax inside for a few minutes before heading out - a little liquid courage. I'd finished about a third of my strawberry daiquiri when Lisa and Mindy came in for a bathroom break. I was curious if they'd spot me. They did. So after they'd finished with their potty break, they escorted us outside with a "look who we found" announcement. What a surreal experience. I was kind of floored by Shannon. I had literally seen her two months earlier on the trip Kevin Dehne and I had taken to Manitowoc. But we caught her on a bad day that day. On Saturday, she looked totally different. I didn't even recognize her at first. As one of her classmates said, "She looks hot!" I must concur. She certainly did.

Mindy had quite an interesting theory as to why Lisa hadn't graduated with us. The truth is, she'd moved to Manitowoc. I'll refrain from revealing Mindy's version. But it was quite interesting. Needless to say, many patrons near us got an earful.

I rarely drink. So by the time I'd finished my second daiquiri, I felt quite happy. I think most of us were feeling happy as well. I downed a third one before we left. When a wooden beam was used for a makeshift pole dance, it was time to head out - before we were asked to leave. Or did I dream that? Hmm... But anyway, here's some pictures from Jimmy Seas. Seems to me that my camera catches red eye at night. Oh well.

Before we left, Mindy made it clear that my wife and I should tag along for the rest of the evening, then spend the night at Lisa's house. For the record, Lisa said that would be perfectly fine. We generally don't get out much, having two little kids at home. So we were ready for a good time. And we got it.

Our next stop was some bar called the Firehouse. The drinks continued to flow. This time there was dancing as well. I don't dance. I observe. It was a treat to watch. I felt like prince with a harem - six chicks. I was a happy boy. Look down for the pictures.

After about an hour, we left and walked over to some other bar. It may have been called "The Keys" - I'm not sure. My head wasn't focusing right at that point. We only stayed for one drink. But I did get a picture of both my tattoo and Shannon's tattoo together.

Feeling left out, Mindy's tattoo wanted to get in on the action as well.

We then walked around the block to some country bar. What the name of it was, I have no idea. I recall Lisa saying that she hates country music. But she said she'd come here once before and had a ton of fun. So we headed there. On the way, Mindy decided that she wanted to carry me. Mind you I was perfectly able to walk on my own. But she wanted to do it. So believe it or not, little Mindy held my 198-pound frame on her back, and walked me several yards to the next bar. For photographic proof, look down.

As we approached the door, we were stopped by some drunk bum who wanted "three quarters." Why? I don't know. But he got nothing from us.

For the next hour, the drinks continued to flow. And my head went dizzy. I do recall lots of dancing (not by me). There were also things that I dare not repeat in a public forum. Did someone grab my ass? Did my wife get kissed? Did I get some sort of makeshift lapdance on the sidewalk? Some things are better left unsaid. Oh wait. I just said them. Let me rephrase that. Some things are better left with no details. I have a ton of pictures from that place. Here's two of them.

At one point, Becky (Monka), Lisa and I stepped outside to clear our heads. We ended up down the street, huddling in the entranceway to another bar. We huddled back even further once a hurricane-like downpour started. And lo and behold, the "three quarter" guy came by again, with the same story. This time he said he needed the money so he could go in the bar and rock. He then gave us a little air guitar. Lisa simply told him that he should go inside, rock out, then ask for a tab. I'm not exactly sure what else she said. But it made me laugh. After a half hour, the rest of the ladies joined us, and we were on our way - with one addition. Some other guy tried to penetrate my harem. He walked with us for over a block, before he got the hint that he wasn't going to have any luck with this crowd of six married women. I hope he gave me a dirty look though.

Thankfully my wife had refrained from alcohol, save for one drink. So we all piled into our minivan to head back to Lisa's house. And for the record, Mindy can fit in a car seat. There were some odd phone calls in the van. And the word "succulent" was used quite a bit. There was a lot of laughing.

We all made it to Lisa's. Somehow Lisa was able to take a frozen pizza and cook it in about two minutes. The miracles of pizza ovens... We sat and reminisced for about an hour. By then it was 3:30 in the morning. We were once again invited to spend the night. But we elected to drive back to Manitowoc. My parents weren't expecting us not to come home. So we drove back and crawled into bed sometime after 4:00.

All in all, it was a FABULOUS evening. It was very revealing, in many ways. I learned a lot of things. I may not have the right "equipment" for a girls night out. But nonetheless, I had a blast - as did my wife. If any guy has the opportunity to attend one of these events, I highly recommend it. Whether I'm there or not, it sounds like my wife has an invitation to their next get together. I hope she brings a camera.

Now has anyone seen Mindy's shoes?


At Thu Aug 16, 07:46:00 AM PDT, Blogger mimikatemom said...


You ladies look fabulous! But where are the pics of the lovely Nik?

At Thu Aug 16, 09:31:00 AM PDT, Blogger mimikatemom said...

Whoops there she is!

Lookin good girlfriend!

At Tue Nov 13, 12:17:00 PM PST, Blogger Cindy said...

Nice! Looks like fun.


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