Thursday, November 16, 2006


What a week it's been. This morning, out of the blue, I got an E-mail from Dave Svatek. He discovered the blog this morning, and decided to wrote to me. His E-mail, along with a picture of his kids, can be seen in his entry.

I also received an E-mail from Stan Conrad - someone who I'd had no contact with since high school. He said I'd done a great job on the blog. How he came to discover the blog, I don't know.

The "missed opportunity" I wrote about on Monday involved Becky Prausa, Mindy Moore, Becky Monka, Lisa Pauze, and Shannon Koch. It turns out that during their attempts to reach me this past Saturday night, they actually ended up calling Lisa Koch's husband - who they thought was me. They said "Burt." He said, "yes" thinking they'd said "Brett" - which is his name. Mass confusion ensued. The entire chain of events is too difficult to explain. I'm just sorry I missed it all. But I've been E-mailing with Becky (Prausa). And she said she'd let me know when they have their next get together. So maybe I can crash the party. She also said she'd E-mail me some photos soon.

I had a phone number left for me from those girls. So I called it on Monday. It ended up being Mindy's voicemail. So I left her a message.

It's been a fun week.


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