Thursday, October 04, 2007


A few days ago, I got a nice E-mail from class of 1988's Jackie Roehl. She sent me three pictures of her and her children, and one with class of 1990's Monica Engstrom (and one of Monica's daughters) - which you can see below. Jackie is now known as Jackie Roehl Montreal. And she works for the New Richmond School District. Jackie also left a comment in the "Pictures" entry, as well as in Troy Greenwood's entry. Monica is married and living in California. She has three kids, and is now known as Monica Friendman.

I've been sitting on this next picture since July, I believe. Erin Hynek went up to Two Rivers for the 4th of July. While there, she hung out with Paula Jonas and Brenda Gordon. When they went out one night, they happened to run into Mark Gordon. The results are below.

I also have an update on the one and only graduate who I had been unable to locate. Thanks to a comment left by Catherine's mother, the mysterious Catherine Mushero has been found. And it was a strange trip. About six weeks ago, I had a very nasty conversation with Catherine's stepmother. The details can be found in her entry.

I was able to find pictures online of both Jamie Grainger and Wyatt Wood. I put each picture in their respective entries. Wyatt's entry has an update on him as well.

I also have eight additional pictures. One is of Erin Hynek's girls. One is a tiny picture of Jeff Bodwin. One is of Craig Rysticken. One is of Anne Wetenkamp. There are three pictures of Chris Storlie. The other is of Jenny Malley. You can find them in their respective entries.

There is a big update on Shane Peterson, including a link to his personal website.

Mr. Wolfe, the L.B. Clarke gym teacher, has passed away. His obituary can be found in his entry.

Lastly, about a month ago, I got an E-mail from Andy Reinhart. He somehow stumbled upon this blog. He directed me to a Brett Favre book - a book that I happened to have. It turns out, there's a picture of him inside the book. It's a picture of him in Lambeau Field, holding up a Michigan license plate with the word "Packers" on it. Sweet! One of these days, I'll scan it in.



At Mon Oct 08, 01:24:00 PM PDT, Blogger CindySue said...

Great update, thanks!

At Sun Apr 27, 11:52:00 PM PDT, Blogger Mona said...

Hello from the South!

Great update and a walk down memory lane. Is a class reunion planned?

Catherine Mushero Morris


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