Thursday, January 31, 2008


Wow. It's been awhile. So much has happened to me - and is still happening. But that's for another discussion.

Blog-wise, I've had a few visitors. For one, Jeff Rehrauer stopped by and left a comment for himself, using the name THE MAD SUPPLEMENT SCIENTIST. In addition to him, Ben Franco made an appearance. I've actually Emailed a few times with Ben. He lives in San Antonio, and plays in a band. But I haven't been able to get a picture of him yet. Bummer. Ben left several comments, using the name MIZTEC. You can see them in his entry, as well as the entries for Paula Jonas, Lionel McCallister, Tom Grassman and Clint Mattrisch. Julie Landon also signed on and left a comment for herself. Tammy Behrmann did as well. In addition to herself, Tammy also left a comment for Mr. Jones.

Jeff Rehrauer has a blog of his own too. It's linked on the right side of this page.

Speaking of Tom Grassman, I received a text message from him on November 17th, informing me that his wife had just given birth to their second baby girl. So congratulations to Tom!

By the way, with Ben's comment in Clint Mattrisch's entry, Clint is now tied with Brad Strouf with the most comments of anyone - 40. Oh, and speaking of Brad Strouf, he recently got married in Antigua. See the pics below.

Shawn Pickard stopped by again and left a comment in Greg Pagel's entry.

I also got an interesting comment in Mr. Schott's entry. It was from the gay highschool student mentioned in a story I found when Schott was the principal in a school in Vermont.

One person who had alluded me was our foreign exchange student, Anton Nyquist. I believe he hailed from Norway. Anyway, a random search one day yielded something - a photograph. Yes, on some weird foreign website, I came across the picture you see below. Anton Nyquist is listed as the guy in the back right corner. Pretty cool, huh?

Class of 1990's Nick Rogne stopped by and cleared up some confusion in one of the class photos from Magee. You can find his comment here.


Craig Rysticken received another comment as well. I believe it was left by class of 1987's Wayne Greenwood. Was he related to Troy Greenwood?

I also received an odd Email from Chad Kautzer. Only it wasn't the Chad Kautzer that I was a classmate with. No, this particular Chad Kautzer (who also hails from Wisconsin ironically) is a philosophy teacher at a university in New York. And he had had a few problems with potential employers finding my blog. And needless to say, my entry on classmate Chad wasn't exactly flattering. So as a favor to him, I put a huge disclaimer at the top of Chad's entry.

A few months ago, out of the blue, I received an Email from Cindy Hayes. She somehow stumbled upon my blog. I of course asked for some pictures. And just this week, I got them! These are of her and her family. Oh, and in the small world department, after viewing the wedding photos of Brad's, Cindy told me that she and her husband got married in the exact same place.

Lastly, Mike Vaneyck stopped by and left a nasty comment in his entry. Of course if you read his entry, his nasty attitude is understandable. He threatened to sue me. Although that was back in November. And I've yet to have any process server come knocking at my door. The day after he left that comment, Mike came back to MY BLOG, went into MY PROFILE, clicked on MY EMAIL ADDRESS, and sent ME the following message.

"this is mike vaneyck. I would like to know if you know who's Google blog site this is? and if you could tell me who put this crap on this site? about me and my family so that I may take legal action against them for SLANDER."

Does anyone else appreciate the irony here? Think about who he's asking. I also find humor in the fact that he doesn't know the difference between libel and slander. I had a teacher in college, when I was writing for the school newspaper. She preached to us, "Truth defeats libel."

I didn't reply to Mike, nor do I plan to.