Saturday, May 31, 2008


Well, it's been quite awhile since my last update. Call it laziness. But I do have a few things to mention.

First of all, last September Tracy Messman got married. So congratulations to her.

The blog was also discovered by Jim Sanford and Wyatt Wood - who both left updates for themselves. Wyatt also sent me four pics. You can see them below. They feature his new wife and new baby - including the obligatory "baby in a box" picture. What a cute kid!

I added a brief blurb about Jenny Malley - thanks to Brandon Podhola. You can find it in Jenny's entry.

I Email/text with Erin Hynek fairly regularly. She happens to be in Two Rivers this weekend. She's going on some sort of two-hour cruise on Lake Michigan. I believe Josie Scott, Paula Jonas and Brenda Gordon are joining her. Several of Erin's hasher friends are joining her too. What's a hasher? You'll have to ask her. Or ask me. I remember when she first sent me the link to the hasher group in St. Louis and asked if I thought she should join it. Needless to say there will no doubt be some drinking going on during that cruise. So if you see them, say hi! (And take some pictures.)

In other news, I actually found some rather risque photos and videos on the internet of one of our classmates. Did I say risque? More like X-rated - literally. Will I post these pics? Not a chance in hell! Will I even mention the classmate in question? Nope! I'll just keep you guessing! All I can say is... wow!

Until next time, here's Wyatt's family photos.