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This is a video from this past summer, of Tom Grassman performing the national anthem at a Schaumburg Flyers minor league baseball game.

National Anthem

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Friday, October 27, 2006


We recently purchased a new computer. I believe I will then have the ability to upload video onto the internet. I'm not sure blogger.com has the ability though. So I think I'm going to use YouTube to do it. My plan is to put up all the video that Kevin and I took on our two trips to Two Rivers. Also, I plan to put up clips from our senior video. I'll then have a link on this blog that will take you directly to the YouTube website.

Cindy Rohrer apparently has tons of video from various years in school. She's promised to get them to me in time. Plus I have a small video of Mrs. Koeppe from 1990. That'll go up as well.

It should be fun.

Lastly, I've just been informed that about 8-10 photos exist from the L.B. Clarke 8th grade picnic. Once they're scanned in and E-mailed to me, I will post them as well. I don't know who's in them all. But some of the people include Scott Jaklin, Paula Jonas and Robin Richmond.

Stay tuned.


Mrs. Koeppe was the secretary at L.B. Clarke. She was around 60-years-old maybe, and wore old-looking glasses. She also had really big lips.

Koeppe was a pretty nice woman. She was always nice to me anyway. I spent a lot of time in the office, waiting for Mr. Vogt to drag me into his office for a screamfest. Prior to that, I'd wait in the office area, sitting on a chair. Koeppe was always pleasant.

Beyond the regular office jobs, Koeppe was also responsible for selling the hot lunch tickets. Every Monday morning, she would push a cart from room to room and sell the tickets to those students who got hot lunch. I was one of them.

I learned something in sixth grade. One day I didn't feel well, and needed to go home. So I went to the office. She told me to use the phone that was sitting on the counter to call my mom or dad - which I did. I found in interesting that at no point did she or anyone else need to speak to my parents. Cool! For the rest of 6th grade through 8th grade, whenever I felt like going home, I simply played sick, went to the office, pretended to call my mom, and even carried on a one-sided coversation for a few moments to make it look good. After I hung up, Koeppe would say, "Did she say it's ok to go home?" You can guess what the answer always was.

In 8th grade, against all odds, Mr. Vogt pulled me into his office to commend me for being such a non-troublemaker that year. I guess that's what happens when you have Kevin Dehne in only two classes, as opposed to all of them. Plus I didn't have Doug Wall in any classes at all. But anyway, as I walked out back into the office area, Koeppe said to me, "Good girl... ah, I mean, good boy... good job Burt." I laughed about it. But she was embarrassed.

Around 1990 or 1991, Meff and I went to L.B. Clarke with my new camcorder. It was a weekend. The doors were locked. However, I poked the camera into the window of the office. And lo and behold, Mrs. Koeppe was in there! She smiled, then put her hand in front of her face, so as not to be filmed. In fact, just a few days earlier, there was an article about her in the paper because she was retiring. That was the last time I ever saw her.

I've tried to find her, but have been shut out. I fear she might be dead. Perhaps if I knew her first name, I might have more luck. Anyone?

Thursday, October 26, 2006


They were seen together driving though Chilton with a grizzly bear on their hood.

No no, that's not what happened. In regards to Stan, his employment has now been confirmed. I provided a phone number and an E-mail address for him. One of his students also left a comment.

As for Mr. Bonino, another naked story has been added.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Mr. Slattery (Mack) was the assistant principal at L.B. Clarke. I think his real name was Robert. But he went by Mack. He had an adjoining office with the principal, Mr. Vogt. Both of them had a door that entered into the hallway. But they also had a door which connected their offices together.

I honestly don't know what the duties of an assistant principal are. I suppose I could slam Mr. Vogt and say that Slattery was there to take care of things when Vogt was in a drunken stupor. But I won't sink to that level.

I will say this about Slattery. He was a hell of a lot nicer than Vogt. He was also pretty much bald. See my entry on Kevin Dehne for a reference to his head, when we got busted for leaving school.

I saw Slattery a lot. I spent a lot of time in Mr. Vogt's office getting screamed at. During those pleasant encounters, Slattery would often stand in the door between their offices and listen. When Vogt needed to catch his breath, Slattery would sort of shake his head and say, "Burt, you can't beat the system." That was his favorite line. He used it on everyone. "You can't beat the system." In the midst of being yelled at by Vogt, Slattery would interject that line three of four times. That was generally the extent of his contribtion to the conversation.

At some point in 7th grade, I found myself late for school. Mr. Trembley (my homeroom and first hour teacher) made me go to the office to get a tardy slip. For those of you who went to Clarke, who may have forgotten what a tardy slip looks like, just look down.

So I went into the office. Mrs. Koeppe wasn't there. She must have been out sick. Instead there was some young girl. She looked to be high school age. I got the impression that the school couldn't find anyone right away, and simply borrowed a student from Washington. Needless to say, this girl was completely flustered. She was clearly over her head. I told her that I was late for school, and needed a tardy slip to get back into class. She had no clue. She even said, "I don't know what I'm supposed to do!" It was kind of funny. I directed her to the specific desk drawer where Koeppe kept the slips. I told her that she then had to write my name, the date and time on the slip. She was very grateful for my help. I left one vital piece of information out though. Although I didn't do it on purpose. You see, a tardy slip resulted in a detention - which was to take place the following day, after school. Koeppe kept a notebook and put the names of the students into it. Whoever was on detention monitor duty that week would then take the list and do a roll call with the students after school.

Well the next day, I dutifully showed up in detention. Mr. Slattery happened to be the detention monitor that week. In fact, I had had a detention earlier that week with him. I have an odd memory from that day. At some point, class of 1988's Scott Rudabek was talking. Slattery shut him up with the line, "Mr. Rudabekian, shut the oral cavity." Anyway, back to the current detention - Slattery read off the names of everyone who was supposed to be in detention that day. And of course, my name wasn't on it. Our exchange went like this.

SLATTERY - "Burt, you're not on the list."

ME - "Well, I got a detention yesterday."

SLATTERY - "Who gave it to you?"

ME - "I was late for school. There was some girl in the office."

SLATTERY - "Did she give you a slip?"

ME - "Yes, I showed her where they were."

SLATTERY - "Did she write your name on the list?"

ME - "I don't know."

SLATTERY - "Burt, you just beat the system. You can go home."

So I walked out of the room and exited the school. I kid you not, I actually pumped my fist a few times and even said, "Yes!" I wasn't excited about getting out of detention. I was excited because I had gotten Slattery to tell me that I had beaten the system! All year long, he had repeatedly told me that I couldn't beat the system. That was his mantra. But on this day, I did. I was so proud. I remember telling B.J. Lutterman about that the next day. He was just as excited that someone had "beaten the system" in Slattery's eyes.

Either in 7th grade or 8th grade, Ken Bartz was given the job of collecting the milk money. Slattery had given him the job. I believe Slattery was neighbors with Ken, and knew his parents. But if I'm not mistaken, Ken stole some of that money at some point, and lost his job.

I don't think I've seen Slattery since I left Clarke. I do know that he has retired. I believe he and his wife currently live in Manitowoc. However, Mr. Slattery's son is now a teacher at Clarke. The circle of life continues.

Monday, October 23, 2006


Thanks to Kevin Dehne, I now have a picture of Tim Petri. Kevin spotted it in a flyer for Tim's bar. You can see it in Tim's entry.


Although I'd E-mailed him from time to time, I hadn't actually spoken to Tom since last February. Then out of the blue, he called me on Saturday afternoon to tell me that he'd had a baby the day before. It is his first child.

Tom and his hottie wife had a daughter. They named her Veronica Moon Grassman. Tom's a musician now. And true to his rocker form, he drove to Indiana on Saturday night to play a gig. He did however stay home on Friday.

Rock & Roll!

Congratulations Tom.

Oh, I've also added a link to Tom's blog. It's on the right side of this page.

Friday, October 20, 2006


According to the Herald Times Reporter, Marilyn gave birth to a daughter on 10/9/06. The daughter's name is Abigail Judith Ernst. The father is class of 1987's Patrick Ernst. Incidentally, if you read my entry on Marilyn, you'll see that she was married, and now had the name of Marilyn Krueger. Divorce papers were filed 3/22/06. Do the math.

Kevin's a new daddy as well. According to the Herald Times Reporter, Kevin (who now lives in Manitowoc) and his wife Tina gave birth to a son on October 17th. The kid's name is Dulton Ray Charles Minkel. Wow.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Another classmate has entered the blogosphere. This time it's Meff. Although his blog is over a year old. He didn't reveal it to me until now. The link is in the "classmate blogs" area on the right side of the screen.

So check it out, and drive his profile views to higher than 51.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I have two pictures of me from inside the confines of L.B. Clarke Middle School. Both are from 8th grade. And in both of them, I'm wearing my "I solved the Rubik's Cube" T-shirt. For the record, I could solve it. Anyway, this picture was taken in Mr. Ashenbrenner's class. It was the 4th quarter. And the class was electrical something or other. My group consisted of myself, along with Dave Kanera, Scott Stephens and Chris Staudinger. Incidentally, our group was the only group in the class that got all of their electrical projects done and working correctly on the very first try. Yet I still somehow managed to get a "D." I have to wonder why it is that I'm the only one wearing safety goggles.

Mr. Ashenbrenner took the photo. I have no idea why. I also have no idea how I came to be in possession of it. Perhaps I knew I would blog about it 21.5 years later, and requested it.


Mr. Kjelstrup (Rod) was an art teacher at L.B. Clarke. He was one of two art teachers actually. Mr. Swokowski was the other. The two of them were in the same wing - divided by the big curtain. It seems odd to me that a school of that size needed two. But nonetheless, that's what it had.

I seem to remember Kjelstrup as a big strapping man - sort of like a Nordic Viking or something. My only dealings with him were from 6th grade. Kjelstrup's room had four students set up at each table. Come to think of it, he may have actually had two tables pushed together to make one big one. Randy Ertman sat next to me. Ken Bartz sat across from me. I can't recall who was next to Ken. Maybe it was Wyatt Wood.

I got along with Kjelstrup for the most part. He was an ok guy. He could get mad from time to time though. I can remember him tearing into the class one day for being too loud or something. He screamed at us until we were all terrified. Not a peep was heard for the rest of the period.

Near the very end of the year, Randy Ertman and I were fooling around during the beginning of class. Kjelstrup got mad at us and sentenced us to write "I will pay attention during morning announcements" 200 times. That's a lot of words! Anyway, this was the week in which the class was spending the night at Camp Tapawingo. Both Randy and I had to finish our punishment before we were allowed to go. I finished it the night before.

Mr. Kjelstrup introduced us to plaster of paris. He had us open up an empty milk carton to its fullest potential. Then he would pour it in. Once it hardened, we peeled pack the cardboard carton. We were then to carve something out of the plaster. For the life of me, I just couldn't do it. So on the last day before it was due, Ken Bartz volunteered to take mine home and do it for me. The next day he came to school with a perfect-looking Pac-Man. He even carved my initials in the bottom. It was quite impressive. The lighting is bad. But you can see Ken's masterpiece below.

Speaking of plaster of paris, on the first day we used it, Kjelstrup put his entire hand in it, and sealed it up in the plaster. Why? Who knows. But once it hardened, he regretted it. Because the plastic really clung to the hairs on his hand. And it hurt like hell pulling it off. Lesson learned.

Kjelstrup was also a painter. In fact, in 7th grade, Mr. Trembley told us that he had one of Kjelstrup's paintings hanging in his house.

I never dealt with Kjelstrup after that year. In fact, I don't think I've seen him since I left Clarke. I do know that he and his wife divorced in 1986. He got remarried to a woman named Cheryl - who I believe is a teacher in the Mishicot School District today. As for Mr. Kjelstrup, he may be retired. I believe he and his wife currently live in Mishicot.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Some exciting news came Lisa's way a few weeks back. I wrote about it in her entry.


Mr. Fencl (Doug) was a reading teacher at L.B. Clarke. He was kind of a small man. The two characteristics that stood out on him were his folded chin and his nasal voice.

I first had Fencl in 7th grade. Our class had him for third hour. Fencl was a bit of a pushover. But if you pushed him too far, he would snap. If you read my entry on Kevin Dehne, you'll learn the story of how Fencl repeatedly smashed Kevin's head into the chalkboard. And if you read my entry on B.J. Lutterman, you'll see my story of how Fencl choked me. Yes indeed, in my entire scholastic history, Mr. Fencl is the only teacher that ever choked me. When he finally let go of my neck, he gave me a huge slap across the face for good measure. What a guy!

One can argue that those of us who faced his wrath certainly had it coming. But a more effective argument could be made that teachers simply shouldn't resort to violence against 12 and 13-year-old kids. Oh well.

Some of my favorite memories from Clarke come from Mr. Fencl's class. I wrote about this in Kevin's entry as well. But I can tell it again. Fencl's room was next to Mr. Trembley's. They were divided by a big curtain. A backroom connected the two rooms. When someone got in trouble in class, Fencl would banish us to the backroom. I believe Kevin got banished more than anyone else. But I took a number of turns back there as well. Anyway, when Kevin was banished, he had a habit of climbing up on the shelves, and peaking his head up and looking through the window, out into the classroom. Of course Kevin would then make faces or taunt Fencl - or whatever juvenile thing he could come up with. Of course the majority of the class would laugh. An annoyed Fencl would turn around. But of course Kevin's head would have ducked down by then. And if Fencl tried to go into the backroom to catch Kevin, he'd find Kevin clamly sitting in his desk - having jumped down before he could get back there. I of course took it one step further. Sometimes I would laugh and point even when Kevin wasn't doing anything. Fencl would see me and then try to catch Kevin in the act again. I was a bastard, to be sure. But hell, when you're 12-years-old, that's quality entertainment. It frustrated Fencl to no end.

Sometime during that year, Fencl missed a week of school when his brother suddenly died. I don't know why I remember that.

Sometime during 7th grade, I read an article about Steve Martin. As a kid, Martin apparently had put "Out of order" signs on some of the bathrooms in his school. I thought that was a fabulous idea. It didn't really catch on. But one day in Fencl's class, I placed one of those signs on his pencil sharpener. Fencl knew I had done it, but let it go. He obviously didn't care, seeing as he let the sign stay. Well, sometime in the middle of class, B.J. Lutterman went up to sharpen his pencil. B.J. had no idea that I had placed the sign there. So he started questioning Fencl about what to do. Fencl thought B.J. knew about the origin of the sign. So he got mad at B.J., thinking he was just playing with him. Fencl kept telling B.J. to sit down. But B.J. kept saying that he needed to sharpen his pencil. B.J. had no clue why Fencl was behaving like he was. He was oblivious. Finally B.J. sat down, confused and exasperated.

One other quick memory I have from his class is that we would routinely pass our papers to the person in front of us, and grade them during class. Fencl would then read our names in his gradebook. We would then have to tell him what we'd gotten on our paper. (No lying and cheating EVER went on there. Oh no...) Quite often, we would have two papers graded at a time. So when he called your name, sometimes your grades would be "A, C." And whenever someone had a grade of "A, C" Kevin and I would shout out "D, C." We were obviously paying homage to the band AC/DC.

I must have failed part of Fencl's class that year. Because I found myself in summer school. On the first day, I was happy to see that my partner in crime Kevin was also there. The two of us sat in the hall talking for the first 20 minutes of class, before Fencl happened to wander out and took notice of us. He sent us into class. For the next week or so, anytime Fencl called on Kevin, Kevin would respond with, "Umm... where are we?" Kevin was insistent on doing nothing. And he did it well. Finally Fencl simply kicked him out. I didn't see Kevin again until 8th grade. I on the other hand kicked ass in that summer school class. It was filled with a bunch of idiots, and "dumbed down" to match the profile of the rest of the class. Fencl even commented to me at some point, saying something like, "You're doing so well here. Why did you behave like such an animal during the school year?"

I had Fencl again in 8th grade. I hung out with Mark Schreiber in that class. Dave Kanera was also in there. Dave was annoying as always, trying his best to impress the 7th grade girls who were also in that class. My lasting memories from that class are of Jeff Salstrand spitting on Mark nearly everyday. Class of 1990's Ryan Gilbert was also in that class. Or was it Gus Landt? Perhaps both of them were in there. Anyway, they (or he) used to plead with Mark to complain to Fencl about Jeff's constant spitting habits. Mark never did though. When Jeff wasn't spitting on him, the three of us got along pretty good.

Sometime during the second semester, Fencl got tired of me and removed me from his class, sticking me in Mrs. Mehan's. That was my last encounter with the man. Although I do remember one other incident from that year. From Mehan's room one day, we all heard Fencl go nuts. He wasn't mad. He just got extremely loud and crazy. The entire wing was laughing their asses off. I don't know what came over him that day.

On the last trip that Kevin and I took to Two Rivers, we stopped to see Mr. Franke. Franke told us that Fencl simply got burned out as a teacher, and quit. Instead he got a job in the tire department at Fleet Farm. I believe he's still there today. Although he's probably at or near retirement age. To the best of my knowledge, he still lives in Manitowoc.

Monday, October 16, 2006


Thanks to Kevin Dehne for scanning in the newspaper obituary with Shawn's picture. I've included it in his entry.

Monday, October 09, 2006


Well after weeks of free advertising, a mini-reunion took place this past Saturday night. Lisa Pauze and Brandon Podhola stopped by to see Greg Pagel and his band play. Thanks to Brandon for supplying these photos of the event.

Chalk up another positive for this blog. I absolutely love stuff like this. Thanks Greg, Lisa and Brandon. (I bet all three of them shared homeroom together in high school).

How much do you want to bet that right before this picture was snapped, they all said, "This is going to be on the internet on Monday morning." Yes... yes it is.

Friday, October 06, 2006


It seems like I say this every week. But Greg Pagel and his Hootenannies are once again playing at "The Sands" in Green Bay this weekend. They're playing tonight and tomorrow night. The times are 7:30 - 11:00. It's on Holmgren Way, right across from Lambeau Field. Rumor has it that Brandon Podhola is showing up on Saturday. Will he bring a digital camera? Will anyone else show up?

Keep me informed.

In other news, I now have Shawn Mehlhorn's full obituary. I also found a wealth of information on Danny Pipgras. Thanks to Lisa Pauze for that.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Who is he? I don't know. But Meff insists this guy was around in 6th grade - probably in Ms. Maki's class.

According to Meff, the guy was somewhat of a dirtball. He may have been friends with Drew Konop.

I have no memory of this guy. I've tried to find a Daniel Pipkorn in the U.S. There are some, but none within the proper age range. There isn't even any male Pipkorns in the entire country that have the letter "D" for a middle name.

So I'm stumped. Danny, where are you? Anyone?

UPDATE - 10/6/06 - Thanks to Lisa Pauze for remembering the name "Pipgras" as opposed to "Pipkorn." Based on that, I was able to track him down. It looks like he lived in Oklahoma for awhile. But he came back to Wisconsin, and spent most of the 1990's here, in Rhinelander. He was involved in a car accident in either late 1997 or early 1998. He wasn't the party at fault.

The following article is taken from a company newsletter. It's dated August, 2004. It's Danny's story - written by Danny.

As it seems with most of the people whom I have met since I moved to Colorado Springs about 7 months ago, I am a transplant from another part of the country.

My journey began near Green Bay, Wisconsin. After which, I moved even further north, almost to the UP (Upper Peninsula of Michigan). I later returned to Green Bay and received my undergraduate degree in Urban and Regional Studies from the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay. Graduation once again prompted another move. This time, it
was south, down the road to Milwaukee. It is here where I received my Masters of Architecture degree from UWMilwaukee and my first job in the field of architecture.

With a head filled with ideas and little possibility of being able to express them, I figured that another big move was in order. So I headed out of town. This time, I went west. Not to Colorado, but all the way to Seattle. Seattle gave me the
opportunity to explore the “Northwest” style of Architecture, but the lifestyle of endless coffee and even more rain, convinced me that another move was necessary.

So yes, I headed out of town. This time the direction was southeast. But still not to Colorado; a little further south. How about San Antonio! Sure sounds great. The Riverwalk, the Spurs, and a lot of great Mexican food. However, let’s not forget about the heat. And oh, was it hot!

So lets see; no freezing upper Midwest blizzards, no endless Northwestern rains, no weeks in a row of Southwestern 100 degree temperatures. Therefore, after three moves in three years, I finally ended up in the Springs. So today, I am working at LKA Partners, Inc. and enjoying the mountain air and the mountain trails. Oh, and trying to practice a little architecture between the field trips. What do you think? Good move, huh?

Apparently his time in Colorado was short-lived as well. For today he resides in the state of Washington, near Tacoma. Near as I can tell, he's never beenmarried. But he may be living with someone named Courtney.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I've just been informed that fellow graduate Shawn Mehlhorn died. As Carrie Franz mentioned, Shawn was suffering from some sort of cancer. He succumbed to it earlier today.

Very sad.

Here's the obituary from the Herald Times Reporter.

Shawn A. Mehlhorn, age 35, of 1412 S. 31st St., Manitowoc, died Wednesday morning, Oct. 4, 2006, at the University of Wisconsin Hospital in Madison, after a courageous battle with cancer.

Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m. Monday, Oct. 9, 2006, at St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Two Rivers. Officiating at the service will be the Rev. David Scherbarth, with entombment to follow in Knollwood Chapel Mausoleum, Highway 310, Manitowoc.

Shawn was born Feb. 17, 1971 in Two Rivers, a son of Ruth (Boettcher) Mehlhorn - Miller, and the late Arnold Mehlhorn. He attended schools in Two Rivers, graduating from Washington High School with the class of 1989. He was employed at Lakeside Foods in Manitowoc for several years, prior to his illness. Shawn was a lifetime member of St. John's Lutheran Church, Two Rivers, where he married Peggy Walters on Oct. 11, 1997.

Survivors include his wife: Peggy; his mother: Ruth Mehlhorn - Miller, Two Rivers; one brother and sister-in-law: Terry and Susette Mehlhorn, Mishicot; two sisters and brothers-in-law, Sandy and Neal Daffner, Two Rivers; Deb and Gordy Peppler, Oshkosh; several nieces and nephews which include his godchild: Kelsi Daffner; Shannon (Brett) Peitersen, and their children;, Trey, Kendal, and Kaden; Sarah (Tim) Kupsky, and their children: Justus and Brylee; Brian (Angie) Mehlhorn, and their daughter: Mallory; Garrett Piester; Tammy (Elliot) VanderBloomen, and their children: Bryn and Alexis; and Patti (Dan) Bassett. He is further survived by his father-in-law and mother-in-law: Todd and Robin Garrigan, Manitowoc; brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law: Janise Walters; Michelle (Aaron) Wodsedalek, and their children: A.J. and Sharlotte; Chris (Alicia) Walters, and their daughter: Vanessa; and Todd Garrigan, Jr. all of Manitowoc; uncles, aunts, cousins, and many friends also survive. He was preceded in death by his father: Arnold Mehlhorn; a sister-in- law: Kayla Garrigan; and his stepfather: Herbert Miller.

Friends may call at the Deja & Martin Funeral Chapels, 1506 - 18th St., Two Rivers, from 5 to 8 p.m. Sunday evening, and at the church Monday morning, after 10 a.m. until the time of service at 11 a.m.

Monday, October 02, 2006



So this past Saturday night, my lovely wife and I celebrated our double birthday bash. The grandparents had the kids. So the birthday couple had a free evening for debauchery. About a dozen people showed up.

It had been quite awhile since I dipped into the alcohol. But I dove right in. I stuck with Smirnoff all evening. I couldn't tell you how many got in me. But it was in the double digits. And seriously with my lack of tolerance, I felt the buzz after #2. By the time #12 was in me, I was in happy land. I am a very shy person by nature - even among friends sometimes. But alcohol breaks down all of those boundaries. My mother-in-law is even known for giving me a few drinks, simply to loosen me up. I was quite loose on Saturday.

Why mention our birthday bash within my classmate blog? Because fellow classmates were present - eventually. The first was to be Meff & Mrs. Meff. But their babysitter fell through. So they ended up having to take turns. Mrs. Meff was around for a few rounds of "Adult Truth Or Dare." Mrs. Meff is certainly not the shy type. And she revealed quite a bit. As for me, I seem to recall having to dry-hump the leg of a lovely lady named Jessica, who was on my right. I also recall another lovely lady named Lisa - who had to demonstrate her favorite sexual position on the kitchen floor. Being the birthday boy, I got to be her prop. It was quite an uplifting experience. I believe my wife also had to demonstrate her favorite sexual position. Being the birthday girl, she chose Lisa's husband as her prop. Lucky him!

Mrs. Meff left to go home, then sent Meff on his way over. In the meantime, fellow gradutes Chris Staudinger and Kim Nokes showed up - all dolled up from a Manitowoc wedding they'd attended earlier that evening. It'd been at least a dozen years since I'd seen either one of them. So that was really cool. I remember standing in the kitchen and talking to Kim for quite awhile, catching up on her life. But I was so blitzed, I don't recall all of the details. But I believe she's back in school now, wanting to be a nurse, as well as something involved with criminal justice.

Chris was in awe of my movie collection. I am too for that matter. You can see some of the DVD's in these pictures.

Meff of course was late in arriving. But he made it. He hadn't seen Kim or Chris since June, 1986. So I believe he had a great time catching up with them. I of course had to point out that Meff had had a crush on Kim back in freshman year. Of course not to be shy myself, I told Kim I had a crush on her as well. Man, could you blame us?

At some point, the party went back to the Truth Or Dare game. Again, my mind is a haze of vague memories. But I think Meff described a sexual experience in a dingy building. And Chris was attracted to Kim's dress - oh, and her brain. Then I had to spin a bottle and take that person into the bathroom and do something risque for one minute. With my wife's approval (such a cool wife she is) I ended up with a friend of hers. We ended up switching tops. She put on my T-shirt, while I somehow stretched her pink tank top over me. Things got even better when I noticed she wasn't wearing a bra. Don't you just love women? I had to cop a feel. I just had to. If you see a pair of naked boobs right in front of your face, what are you supposed to do? You got to go for it. Of course if my wife wasn't cool with such a thing, there's no way I would have done that. But she is that cool. And I have "cop a feel
approval." I also recall my wife taking off a guy's shirt with her teeth. She may have copped a feel too.

Finally around 2:30 people began to filter out. I bid adieu to my fellow graduates - but not before posing for a few pictures. Meff even grabbed my lightsaber and showed us his technique.

All in all, it was a fabulous evening. I saw three pairs of boobs (including my wife's) and I didn't throw up. Who could ask for more? The arrival of Chris and Kim made an already wonderful evening even better.

Anyone up for next year?


Rumor has it that Ann (Rank) Polich has a birthday today.